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Friday, April 11, 2014

Advertising Using Safe-Lists

There is no such thing as a sure thing among safelist or traffic 
exchanges but with safelists there are some things to look at 
early on that will help you know if a poor result is a 
deliverability issue or an issue with your Subject Line & E-mail body.

I personally look for safelist that fit the following criteria.

1. They're credit based.

2. They list total members and active members separate.

3. They don't sell blaster memberships, not one of those safelist
has ever resulted in any kind of conversion for me or anyone I know.

4. You don't earn more than 20-30 credits per e-mail you open.
remember this, if they give 1 credit per e-mail you will receive 1 
e-mail per e-mail you send,if they give 20 credits they must send 
you twenty e-mails to cover each e-mail you actually read.If you 
don't want to receive more than 2,000 e-mails to earn 100 credits 
watch your exchange rate. More e-mails sent means lower odds your
e-mails will be read instead of the hundreds of other options.

5. Choose list that allow you to send e-mails to less than 10% of 
their membership per day. Again this is a matter of delivering fewer
total e-mails to each user which increases open rates. My best list 
let's you as a free member mail 2500 of their 40,000 active members 
every 3 days. It out performs a membership I canceled that sent to 
10,000 members daily in terms of open rates and conversions.

6. Solo Ads should be special and costly. These B.S. sites that claim
mail real solo ads daily don't even know what a solo ad is. A solo ad
should go to the contact mail not the list mail of the user. They 
should be limited to no more than 20 of them sent in a day and should 
offer the reader added value in receiving and opening these mails be 
it a chance at cash rewards, a fee paid per open, or a higher than 
normal number of credits. If the list sends too many solo ads then they
will get the kind of open rates you see with the main list and your
conversions will be terrible.

You can increase your results in Safelist by purchasing upgrades but 
your best results are typically from high value Solo Ads which can cost
you up to $129 per send but have a better chance of gaining a return on
your investment. Be frugal,don't listen to people that say join a lot of
list and mail to as many as possible because the real numbers game should 
not be quantity of unread e-mails sent, it should be quality of results
because you can't pay the bills with 1 million sent but unopened e-mails,
only with solid sales and sign-ups.

I hope all of you find this information helpful.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Helping Each Other!

SFI weekly newsletter 03-23-2014


My advertising efforts are paying off, and I'm getting more sales, and more hits. Yet, I feel like I'm here all alone struggling, just as I suspect many of your are feeling, it is frustrating.

Here are some ways we can help each other. it doesn't matter whether you are active in SFI or not. If you have a presence anywhere on the web, we can interact and benefit each other in whatever internet money making programs we are involved in.

Here are the ways we can benefit each other.

1. Exchange joining facebook and other social media business or fan pages.If we all are connected our advertisements will be worth more and build our presence in the search engines.

2. Setting up a membership on our web pages. I will give anyone of you signing up on my website 2Tcredits.

3. Anyone of you listing your website, Facebook, Twitter or any other page you would like me to follow in the reply portion of this email will also receive 2 Tcredits.

4. How does exchanging or joining these social media and websites help our SFI business? Every time one of us uses the Share button in SFI it will post to all of these pages. That helps us to get our 5-9 postings required to make an impact on our bottom line through advertising on these media.

5. Joining websites and exchanging links helps us to get recognized by the search engines better.

Also anyone of you answering this this email listing their website, facebook or other media pages here will be put on a list for everyone to join unless you put it as private. A private listing will get you my link or like but will not be put on a list for everyone to exchange links or likes. You do not have to be active in SFI to participate.

In addition, anyone using the reply on the bottom of this email will be put into a drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate from TripleClicks. This contest is for PSA's, CSA's, any level you may be on. If you get this email, you may participate.

I sincerely hope that these little contest will motivate all of you to respond. These activities will help you with any program you are working on the web.

Here's to YOUR prosperity!

Marlene Kaiser

Friday, March 21, 2014

Great New Advertising Site - Unique

SupercashFFA - - Get 2 cents a click, 1 cent from your signups. (no upgrade required)
- Get virtual coins to trade for postings, ads & mail outs!
- This is an incentivized FFA, post ads free
- Get large commissions.

And many have (even 100's of dollars a piece) in just 1 week!
The system works across 4 domains - members have earned on all of them so far!

PayToo - The next Payza or Paypal? It may be. It's A GREAT way to send & receive payments easily.
United States and alot of other countries can use this!

Works like Paypal and Payza. You can fund it WITH
paypal, ukash, your bank, bankwire and more. Withdraw to
your own bank, a card and more.

Thank you for reading my message,

Marlene Z Kaiser

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hi Everyone

How are all of you doing? I hope that you are doing well. I had to take some time off for my family, but I am back now at full speed ahead to make SFI work for all of us and help in any way I can. My email address is Please put SFI as part of your subject so I can find you easily.

The focus of this newsletter is advertising on Social media concentrating on how Twitter can benefit your business.. Social media activities make your business available and in front of customers 24/7, if you learn how to use them. Here is a free Twitter Tip Sheet you can use to market SFImg and TripleClicks on Twitter. This shortened url does bring up the tip sheet I wanted you to see.

Twitter is like being in a crowded room and not knowing where to go. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were signs showing you what each group is interested in so you could visit with those having the same interests as you? In Twitter the signs are hashtags. These are key words used in the body of your text or added at the end with the # symbol that allow someone to be transferred to Twitter's list of tweets using that hash tag. Hashtags are to social media outlets as are keywords to the search engines. They can be used in text, Video or Image updates. Remember hashtags aren't owned by individuals like a domain name is, anyone can use the hashtag, and if it is generic enough it will pull up every tweet that hashtag has been used. Here is another excellent article on How-to-Use-Hashtags-on-Twitter-A-Simple-Guide-for-Marketers shortened to

If you want to see how other members have used #TripleClicks put up a tweet using this hash tag. Here is a sample Tweet I used to see what I'd find using the #TripleClicks. #TripleClicks is a wonderful store that anyone can benefit from being a member. Using this hashtag,  I pulled up about 300 Tweets.Try doing this, and you will see how others are advertising TC on Twitter.

I tried a number of hash tags to see what happened. For instance I used a hash tag #TripleClicksGlusomine to see what would happen, and because there was no other identical hash tag used in Twitter the only tweet that came up was the one I posted. Therefore, if you are using Twitter to advertise, be aware that others might benefit from any hash tag you use. Still, the more aware of TriplcClicks we can make people, the more we all will benefit simple because of the added exposure.

I haven't used Twitter to sell TripleClick products, but after looking at what I pulled up here in Twitter, I am sure I have missed a gold mine. That is why I am passing this information onto all of you. Use it to your benefit.

Remember I am interested in helping you about any subject that benefits SFImg, and will reseach Ebooks and whatever if you want me to write about some specific topic. My email again is or you can reach me through SFI messaging services.

Here's to YOUR prosperity!

Marlene Kaiser, your sponsor or co-sponsor.